1. Brooklyn, New York, March, 2014. 


  2. racersessions:

    Generally, when Japanese Guy gets together to work on material and record, we start with a simple sonic idea, rhythmic cadence, or desired theme and build from there. Not too much scrutiny is put into a piece’s arrangement – the feel of the song will dictate when it is time for a change (or not)….


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  4. Back in Seattle for a few days.

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  5. Brooklyn, New York, February, 2014.


  6. Here is a brief clip of the song “Tank” from Japanese Guy’s new record, Tat.

    We will be playing the Ballard Jazz Festival on Friday, April 18th as part of the Table & Chairs label showcase. We will also be selling a very limited quantity of digital copies of the new record, exclusively at the festival. 

  7. Brooklyn, New York, March, 2014.

  8. Tokyo, Japan, August, 2013.

  9. Tokyo, Japan, September, 2013.


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  13. Guttural wail

  14. Japan, March, 2013.


  15. "The thing is the thing."